With StratSimManagement, students experience the thrill of managing an auto company by maintaining their current line and discovering new product introductions to bring to market. StratSim covers all the major functional areas and is the most comprehensive strategy simulation available. Anywhere.

Students who are new to marketing make the connection between concepts and reality with NewShoes. Using market research and key marketing concepts, they won't be able to leave your class without knowing the fundamentals of marketing.

In BizCafe, students learn the fundamentals of business by running a start-up enterprise. They will encounter the real-world challenges of managing personnel, inventory, marketing, and managing cash flow in the context of operating a coffee shop.

PharmaSim is a dynamic, engaging marketing management simulation. Students maintain existing product lines, introduce new products and must compete against robust competitors. Multiple scenarios available with varying amounts of complexity!

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Designed for courses in intro to business, entrepreneurship, human resource management and strategy.


Designed for courses in intro to marketing, principles of marketing, international and marketing strategy.


Designed for courses in strategic management, global strategy, marketing strategy and international strategy.


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