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Since 1986 we've created business simulations that meet the demand for creating tomorrow's business leaders. Today's students need to understand complex problems, experience working in teams of people with diverse opinions and personalities, and ultimately come to a decision in the face of many competing options. That isn't easy to do. And that is why students need practice. Simulations provide that practice in a low-risk, highly engaging environment.

All of our simulations are web-based!

We have business simulations in three academic disciplines: Management, Marketing and Strategy: (click on the simulation or class to find out more!)

Management Simulations


For courses in Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship, Retail Management, HR Management and Strategic Management.

Marketing Simulations


For courses in Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Principles, Marketing/Brand Management, International Marketing, Marketing Strategy.

Strategy Simulations


For courses in Strategic Management, Corporate Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Stategic Management, Strategy with International Perspectives (China).

Learn by doing

People learn best by doing.

Simulations for business classes put your students in the role of making decisions with the concepts you've taught.

They will understand more. They will do more with what you've taught.

Use a simulation for your class today.

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