Received a Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing and an MBA from the University of Michigan and holds a B.S. in Political Economy from the University of California at Berkeley. She has taught at the University of Michigan and Notre Dame prior to becoming a permanent faculty member here at FAU. Her work experience and consulting includes: Federated Department Stores, Formosa Plastics, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Procter & Gamble, Ernest & Julio Gallo, Scott Paper and Samsonite Corp.

Currently she focuses on consulting for nonprofits, pro bono, by including them as projects in her Digital Marketing classes. Her teaching expertise focuses on Marketing Management and Digital Marketing at the undergraduate level; Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Global Marketing and Strategic Brand Management at the graduate level. Her research interests include Assessment and the use of Simulation games in marketing education.

My experience with CountryManager

“I have been using Country Manager in my MBA classes for over a decade. The simulation is a rich experience that teaches students about the complexity of marketing globally. Students are exposed to making decisions about market attractiveness, plant location and capacity management as well as managing the growth of their product portfolio.

It is an engaging game since the students are in teams competing against one another, which all MBAs love! I use almost all of the assignments that Interpretive offers. The assignments help them get oriented with the game and the data as well as help to improve their decisions as they play the game.

Learning by doing is my teaching philosophy and Country Manager allows me to bring this philosophy into the classroom.”

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