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Our strategy simulations offer students real-world experience with a variety of strategy issues!
The simulations require students to implement their strategy by making a wide range of decisions in marketing, operations, management, and finances.
We currently have 4 strategy simulations for your classes, each offering a unique experience:
Airline Strategy simulation, an interactive learning tool for mastering business strategy in the context of managing a regional airline.
Corporation, global strategy simulation, a robust tool for learning global strategy across various business functions in a simulated environment.
StratSimManagement simulation, a robust tool for learning strategic management across various business functions in a simulated environment.
Interpretive's Marketing Strategy simulation, a vital component of our strategy simulations portfolio, designed to help students explore strategic marketing planning and execution

Realistic Simulations

Enhance student learning with strategy simulations, enabling practical application of business strategy concepts across diverse areas.


Our strategy simulations were written by:
Peggy Golden, Jerald Smith, Thomas Kinnear, Stu James,
& Michael Deighan.

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Our dedicated support team ensures an exceptional experience for you and your students throughout our strategy simulations!
  • With our Airline simulation, students find themselves managing a regional airline in a competitive environment, experiencing firsthand the impact of their strategic decisions throughout the course of a term.

  • Students are managing a multi-unit corporation in an international environment. They can choose to export production to different areas within the simulation environment, change prices, and merge with other competitors, which are other students competing in the class.

  • StratSimManagement provides a comprehensive business experience by integrating various functional areas such as strategic management, product development, operations, marketing, finance, organization, and exploring international opportunities within the context of an automobile manufacturer.

  • Marketing strategy is at the core of all decisions in the simulation. Teams target consumer segments and B2B opportunities based on market attractiveness and core competencies, using advanced marketing research techniques.

Exploring the Dynamics of Our Engaging Strategy Simulations

Interpretive Simulations offers a range of engaging and interactive strategy simulations designed to enhance the learning experience of students and professionals alike. Our simulations are based on real-world scenarios and provide a practical, hands-on approach to understanding strategic decision-making in various industries.
Our simulations are designed to be engaging, interactive, and challenging, providing a realistic representation of the challenges faced by organizations in various industries.
The simulations start with a case study that sets the scene for a particular business scenario, using familiar products to help students relate to the situation. Throughout the simulation, students make a series of decisions for each period, and both instructors and students can track their progress through comparative reports. All necessary information is available within the simulation, giving students the tools they need to develop and execute successful plans.
Instructors and students consistently report that using simulations greatly complements the objectives of their course and provides real experience with strategy concepts!

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Considering incorporating strategy simulations into your curriculum? At Interpretive, we understand that running a simulation in your class may require some support. That’s why we are committed to providing you with exceptional customer support. Our experienced customer support staff consistently receive top ratings from our customers. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • A dedicated Customer Relationship Manager who will be your go-to person for any support-related questions or concerns.
  • A team of customer support staff who are always ready to help you.
  • We promise to respond to any support request or question within 24 hours during the business week, so you can be assured that your needs will be met promptly.

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How is Airline different from StratSimManagement?

Both are strategic management simulations. Airline is our intermediate strategy simulation while StratSimManagement is our most advanced strategy simulation. In Airline, your students will take over a fledgling airline and get to choose between a discount, normal or luxury strategy going forward. In StratSimManagement, students will take over an automobile company and they’ll get to decide which direction to go.

How is Airline different from Corporation?

Both are intermediate strategy simulations. Corporation is our global strategy simulation, focused on hardware, software, systems, and ventures, and allowing students to export to several different countries. Airline is our strategic management simulation, focused on a fledgling airline and generating revenue with a solid strategy through reliable flights, without an international emphasis.

How is StratSimMarketing different from StratSimManagement?

StratSimMarketing has a strategic marketing emphasis while StratSimManagement has a strategic management emphasis. Both simulations are based on the automobile industry and are similar simulations. StratSimMarketing will have more tools available within the simulation (microsegments, perceptual mapping, conjoint analysis). In StratSimManagement, these tools remain off to focus on the management side of the simulation (you can customize ALL tools for BOTH simulations).

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