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Aprender Haciendo

Interpretive Simulations’ Partner for Schools in Latin America

We are a team who dream of transforming learning in Latin America through technologies, specifically with simulations, we have been doing this work for more than 12 years and thanks to our allies we will continue working on it.

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Wessex Press

We are a publishing company that makes textbooks and other learning materials more accessible to college students and life-long learners globally. We operate at the cutting edge of technology, and provide traditional and e-learning tools to students and instructors.


Interactive modules to learn key business metrics.

MBTN is a self-paced, online learning system with over 50 modules for Marketing, Finance, Accounting, HR, Entrepreneurship, and Statistics. Each module consists of a straight-forward tutorial and four multi-question problem sets. Our goal is to help you learn business through practical problem-solving experience.