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NewShoes provides a comprehensive, engaging learning experience for introductory marketing students. As participants manage their own simulated athletic shoe companies, they gain practical understanding of business strategy, marketing decision-making, and market competition. This interactive environment encourages collaboration and critical thinking and enhances students’ grasp of marketing concepts.

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What is NewShoes?

NewShoes is an introduction to marketing simulation that places students at the helm of their own simulated athletic shoe companies. This hands-on approach encourages students to apply theoretical marketing concepts in a practical, engaging environment. They navigate through crucial decisions on pricing, promotion, product development, and market competition, enhancing their understanding of the dynamics of business strategy.
NewShoes not only offers an engaging learning environment but also cultivates critical competencies such as strategic planning, critical thinking, and teamwork. In a competitive market scenario where every decision directly impacts business outcomes, students gain a practical insight into the interplay of different marketing strategies.

WHY IS NewShoes THE RIGHT introduction to marketing simulation FOR MY STUDENTS?

NewShoes is designed with the following learning goals:

Planning & Analysis

Write a strategic plan. Create/analyze income statement. Calculate ROS and market share. Use market research effectively. Create simple spreadsheet tools.


Define “product” in marketing terms. Explain product life cycle. Understand importance of product dev. Improve product in simulation.


Calculate break-even price. Identify different responses to price. Estimate sales impact of price change. Consider short/long-term profit in pricing. Calculate indirect profit from contract.


Know what a distribution channel is. Describe flow of goods from manufacturer to consumer. Distinguish B2C/B2B marketing. Choose promotion for product placement.


Define “promotion” in marketing. Explain impact of different kinds of promotion. Describe push/pull promotion strategies. Select promotion mix for target market.


Allocate responsibilities fairly. Complete assigned tasks on time. Communicate problems and plans. Collaborate with other team members.

Experiential Learning

Test ideas in a low-risk environment. Respond to and discuss unexpected events. Retain information through hands-on experience. Relate sim topics to real-world scenarios.

Creative Thinking

Handle uncertainty and ambiguity. Develop new approaches when conditions change. Determine product/company branding and design.


Introduction to Marketing
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Combining our simulation NewShoes with our quizzes and assignments gives you the tools to assess your students’ understanding of the concepts of marketing. The following grading rubric works best to provide a thorough assessment of your students’ knowledge and understanding.
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Experience the convenience of fully online simulation assignments with NewShoes, our introduction to marketing simulation! With our innovative Assignments Module, there’s no need for PDFs or downloads. Assignments are easily accessed and completed through a user-friendly online interface. Plus, some tasks can be auto-graded, saving valuable time for instructors. Getting started is simple – we provide a comprehensive guide and video tutorial to familiarize you with the interface. Alternatively, you can explore it on your own after login. For further details, feel free to contact us!

Got questions? Find answers!

Which classes is this simulation suitable for?

 NewShoes is primarily utilized in Introduction to Marketing or Principles of Marketing classes. This simulation offers a practical understanding of the 4Ps, making it an excellent tool for students unfamiliar with the Marketing Mix or Segmentation. It’s a dynamic, team-based approach for students to engage with these fundamental marketing concepts.

What is the ideal team size for the simulation?

We suggest teams of 3-4 students for an optimal learning experience. Larger teams can often struggle with decision-making collaboration, a crucial aspect of the simulation. While teams of 2 are common, they may lack the diverse perspectives and valuable discourse typically seen in 3-4 member teams.

What does “direct competitive” mean?

In the context of this simulation, “direct competitive” refers to all teams within each industry competing against each other. Moreover, the decisions made by these teams will impact others in the same industry, influencing factors like price, marketing, and wages.

How do I find out more?

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