Discover our Business Essentials simulation, a practical and engaging learning tool for students. It presents the challenges and rewards of running a small, service-based business. Over 16 simulated weeks, students will learn about management, operations, marketing, and accounting by operating their own coffee shop.

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What is BizCafe?

BizCafe introduces students to crucial business concepts in a relatable setting. The simulation brings real-world business challenges to the classroom, immersing students in the daily operations of a local coffee shop.
Through BizCafe, students learn to handle staff management, product marketing, weekly operations, and the use of financial statements for decision making. Additionally, they acquire essential business terminology and develop an understanding of the fundamental areas of a business.


BizCafe is designed with the following learning goals:

Planning & Analysis

Write a business plan. Monitor implementation of plan. Calculate break-even point.


Project staffing requirements. Decide on employee pay rates. Calculate total cost of compensation. Manage employee turnover.


Identify the 4 Ps of marketing. Set pricing for multiple products. Calculate gross margin. Project impact of promotion. Create advertising copy


Project purchasing needs. Manage inventory. Set shop hours. Maximize customer satisfaction.


Distinguish cash and accrual accounting. Create and analyze income statement. Create and analyze balance sheet. Calculate return on investment


Allocate responsibilities fairly. Complete assigned tasks on time. Communicate problems and plans. Collaborate with other team members.

Experiential Learning

Test ideas in a low-risk environment. Respond to and discuss unexpected events. Retain information through hands-on experience. Relate sim topics to real-world scenarios.

Creative Thinking

Handle uncertainty and ambiguity. Develop new approaches when conditions change. Determine product/company branding and design.


Introduction to Business
Small Business Management




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Instructor Preparing for Class with BizCafe Business Essentials Simulation

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Combining BizCafe with our quizzes and assignments helps you measure your students’ grasp of the basic concepts of business. Use our grading rubric for a precise and thorough evaluation of their understanding.
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Got questions? Find answers!

What classes can benefit from this simulation?

BizCafe is specifically tailored for Intro to Business classes and other courses focused on Business Essentials. It’s designed to both introduce basic business concepts and foster a competitive learning environment.

What is the recommended team size?

We suggest teams of 3-4 students for optimal collaboration and decision-making. While teams of 2 are common, larger teams promote a richer diversity of opinions.

How does BizCafe differ from the Entrepreneur simulation?

BizCafe is designed for those new to business, particularly those unfamiliar with financial statements or marketing. Unlike Entrepreneur, BizCafe’s decisions occur on a weekly simulation basis, providing a more immediate experience.

What is the duration of the simulation?

BizCafe allows students to make up to 16 decisions, representing 16 business weeks. Most classes opt for 12 or 13 rounds. Students will take between 30 minutes to an hour to make their decisions each round.

How do I find out more?

Sign up for Demo Access. This gives you access to Sample Course Sites, Resources, and even a look at completed games. For a comprehensive understanding, schedule a call with our staff to guide you through the simulation.

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