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Discover Entrepreneur, our retail entrepreneurship simulation. Students gain hands-on experience running a clothing shop, making key decisions on inventory, pricing, and staffing over twelve simulated quarters. A comprehensive tool for teaching retail management and financial literacy.

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What is Entrepreneur?

Welcome to the world of Entrepreneur, a dynamic retail entrepreneurship simulation designed to provide hands-on experience in managing a small retail clothing store. As an instructor, you’ll appreciate the comprehensive coverage of entrepreneurship, retail management, and ethical dimensions of business management that Entrepreneur provides for your students.
In this simulation, your students will form management teams, making crucial business decisions and competing against their peers in a simulated business environment. They’ll learn the value of teamwork and consensus-building as they navigate different opinions and priorities, all within the context of limited resources and a changing business landscape.
Entrepreneur is an engaging, practical, and comprehensive tool for teaching essential business skills. It not only provides students with a taste of the real-world challenges of retail management but also equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the business world. With Entrepreneur, your students can learn by doing, applying theoretical concepts to practical situations, and gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities of running a retail business.

WHY IS Entrepreneur THE RIGHT entrepreneurship SIMULATION FOR MY STUDENTS?

Entrepreneur is designed with the following learning goals:

Planning & Analysis

Monitor business plan implementation. Forecast product sales. Calculate break-even point.

Business Environment

Evaluate business opportunities. Write a business plan. Make ethical decisions.


Project staffing requirements. Decide on employee pay rates. Identify employee retention factors. Manage employee turnover.


Understand the importance of marketing. Set pricing for multiple products. Calculate gross margin. Project impact of promotion. Choose advertising media.


Project purchasing needs. Manage inventory. Set shop hours. Maximize customer satisfaction.


Distinguish cash and accrual accounting. Create and analyze income statement. Create and analyze balance sheet. Calculate return on an investment.


Allocate responsibilities fairly. Complete assigned tasks on time. Communicate problems and plans. Collaborate with other team members.

Experiential Learning

Test ideas in a low-risk environment. Respond to and discuss unexpected events. Retain information through hands-on experience. Relate sim topics to real-world scenarios.


Retail Management




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Integrating the retail entrepreneurship simulation, Entrepreneur, with quizzes and assignments creates a comprehensive toolkit to evaluate your students’ grasp of entrepreneurship principles. This combined approach is effective for assessing students’ knowledge and comprehension in depth. The recommended grading rubric facilitates a thorough evaluation of their understanding.
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Experience the convenience of fully online simulation assignments with Entrepreneur! With our innovative Assignments Module, there’s no need for PDFs or downloads. Assignments are easily accessed and completed through a user-friendly online interface. Plus, some tasks can be auto-graded, saving valuable time for instructors. Getting started is simple – we provide a comprehensive guide and video tutorial to familiarize you with the interface. Alternatively, you can explore it on your own after login. For further details, feel free to contact us!

Got questions? Find answers!

Which classes is this simulation suitable for?

Entrepreneur is an excellent fit for Entrepreneurship and Retail Management classes. It shines a spotlight on business operations, offering students practical insights into the nuances of daily operational management.

What is the ideal team size for the simulation?

We recommend a team size of 3-4 students for the most enriching simulation experience. Larger teams often face collaboration challenges, while smaller teams might lack the diversity of opinions that sparks valuable discussion and learning.

How does Entrepreneur differ from the BizCafe simulation?

Entrepreneur plunges students into more startup decisions, demanding a deeper dive into financial strategy analysis. The simulation provides a broader range of marketing options and a more dynamic promotion environment than BizCafe. It emulates the typical three-year journey of a startup venture, testing its viability.

What is the duration of the simulation?

The Entrepreneur simulation can extend up to 12 periods, each representing a quarter of a year, allowing students to experience the initial three years of business operations. Students usually require between 45 minutes to an hour per period to make informed decisions.

How do I find out more?

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