MarketShare, our Marketing Principles simulation, places the participants into a dynamic, simulated business environment of the packaged goods industry. Students take the role of the brand management team in an over-the-counter cold medicine group of their firm, learning about different aspects of marketing – from product design and pricing to advertising and selling.

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MarketShare is a practical, engaging business simulation, perfect for supplementing Marketing Principles or second semester marketing classes. Students step into the shoes of a brand manager for an over-the-counter cold medicine team, experiencing real-world market analysis and decision-making scenarios. While the simulation simplifies the complexity of the packaged goods industry, it retains sufficient realism to enrich the learning experience.
One of the key benefits of MarketShare is that it allows students to experiment with the 4Ps of marketing—Product, Price, Place, and Promotion—in a simulated, risk-free environment. Working in teams, they face simulated competitors, responding to changing market dynamics, all while honing their collaborative decision-making skills.
MarketShare helps students understand the broader applicability of marketing concepts, beyond just the packaged goods industry. It fosters a deeper understanding of market segmentation, customer targeting, distribution motivation, and pricing strategies. This comprehensive learning tool, spanning up to six simulated years, provides insights into both the short-term and long-term impacts of marketing decisions.

WHY IS MarketShare THE RIGHT Marketing Principles simulation FOR MY STUDENTS?

MarketShare is designed with the following learning goals:

Planning & Analysis

Write a strategic plan. Create simple spreadsheet tools.


Define “product” in marketing terms. Explain product life cycle. Understand importance of product development. Improve product in simulation.


Calculate break-even price. Identify different responses to price. Estimate sales impact of price change. Calculate gross margin.


Know what a distribution channel is. Describe flow of goods from manufacturer to consumer. Identify factors for product placement.


Define “promotion” in marketing. Explain impact of different kinds of promotion. Describe push/pull promotion strategies. Select promotion mix for target market.

Market Research

Define “segment” in marketing terms. Describe consumer purchase process. Use market research effectively.


Allocate responsibilities fairly. Complete assigned tasks on time. Communicate problems and plans. Collaborate with other team members.

Experiential Learning

Test ideas in a low-risk environment. Respond to and discuss unexpected events. Retain information through hands-on experience. Relate sim topics to real-world scenarios.


Marketing Principles
Introduction to Marketing




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Combining our simulation MarketShare with our quizzes and assignments gives you the tools to assess your students’ understanding of the concepts of marketing. The following grading rubric works best to provide a thorough assessment of your students’ knowledge and understanding.
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Got questions? Find answers!

Which classes is this simulation suitable for?

MarketShare is primarily designed for Principles of Marketing classes. It stands between NewShoes and PharmaSim in complexity, catering to 200/300 level courses and focusing more on product management. This simulation offers a data-driven learning experience.

What is the ideal team size for the simulation?

Ideally, form teams of 3-4 students. This size promotes collaboration for decision-making—a crucial aspect of the simulation experience. While teams of 2 are common, they often lack the diversity of opinion and healthy disagreements you find in slightly larger teams.

What does “benchmark” mean?

In MarketShare, ‘benchmark’ refers to each team competing in its own unique scenario, even though they face competition generated by the simulation model.

How long does the simulation last?

MarketShare can be run for six periods, with each period representing a business year. Students typically spend around 45 minutes to an hour to complete each period.

How do I find out more?

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