Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

LMS integration connects Interpretive Simulations directly with your institution’s educational platforms. This integration allows educators and students to access our simulations and resources through your familiar LMS system.

How it works?

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.3 is a specification that allows the learning platforms of organizations to connect users to learning tools made by external organizations. Tools can allow platforms to automatically log users into their systems and link directly to content. Tools can also get the list of users from the platform and pass back grades for the users. In this case, your Learning Management System (LMS) or other system is the platform, and Interpretive Simulations products are serving as the tool.

Benefits of LMS Integration

Streamlined Access

Single sign-on capabilities allow students and faculty to access simulations directly from the LMS without additional passwords.

Enhanced Learning

Integrates seamlessly into course workflows, making simulations, assignments, & quizzes an integral part of the curriculum.

Simplified Administration

Roster syncing, simulation’s score, assignments, & quizzes will be synced to your gradebook as they are completed by your students.

Getting Started

  1. Contact our support team to set up your institution’s LMS with our simulations.
  2. We will guide you through the setup process and provide all necessary documentation.
  3. After the LTI has been added to your LMS, you can add a link to your course to allow access to the simulation. There are two types of setups you can use: Basic Link and Deep Linking.

Basic Link: A basic link created one link in your LMS course to allow single sign on for students and instructors along with the roster syncing.
Deep Linking: Deep Linking allows the same single sign on and roster syncing as you would have with the basic link but instead of a single link, you can create direct links in your LMS to resources, pages, simulation launch, quizzes, and assignments from the simulation course site. Gradable items such as simulation’s weighted scorecard, quizzes and assignments can sync the grades to your LMS gradebook.
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Dedicated Support

For more details on setting up LMS integration for your courses, please contact our support team at support@interpretive.com.
We look forward to working with you!