Corporation is a dynamic global strategy simulation that plunges students into the role of managing a multi-division corporation in the information systems industry. They’ll make critical decisions on finance, acquisitions, marketing, and HR, fostering valuable teamwork, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills in a competitive, real-world context.

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What is Corporation?

Corporation is a comprehensive Global Strategy simulation designed to provide business instructors with an engaging tool to enrich the classroom experience. This simulation places students at the helm of a multi-division corporation in the dynamic information systems industry. It’s unique in that it allows students to gain real-world exposure to corporate-level decision making while contending with the intricacies of international market expansion.
The simulation provides a perfect platform for students to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Teams have the opportunity to implement corporate strategy decisions, including financing and acquisitions, marketing, operations, and human resources management for each Strategic Business Unit (SBU). This immersive, hands-on experience fosters active learning, enabling students to understand and appreciate the interplay between various strategic decisions in a global corporate setting.
One of the key benefits of the Corporation simulation is its emphasis on teamwork and strategy development under uncertain conditions. This element mirrors the dynamic nature of today’s business environment, where decision-makers must constantly adapt and revise strategies based on evolving market conditions. Through the simulation, students also gain experience in maintaining a positive cash flow and profitability, core skills that future business leaders need to master. The simulation extends up to 12 periods, allowing students to observe the long-term effects of their decisions, thereby reinforcing strategic thinking and planning.


Corporation is designed with the following learning goals:

Planning & Analysis

Identify strategic options. Write a strategic plan. Monitor implementation of plan. Analyze competitive performance.


Define SBU. Evaluate global strategic options. Understand organizational structures. Make ethical business decisions.


Explain role of marketing in strategy. Define marketing mix. Select price appropriate for market. Estimate impact of marketing decisions.

Creative Thinking

Handle uncertainty and ambiguity. Develop new approaches when conditions change. Set your firm apart from competition.


Forecast production requirements. Manage capacity growth. Identify ways to improve operations. Understand role of HR.


Analyze financial performance. Project capital needs. Evaluate investment options. Calculate return on investment.


Allocate responsibilities fairly. Complete assigned tasks on time. Communicate problems and plans. Collaborate with other team members.

Experiential Learning

Test ideas in a low-risk environment. Respond to and discuss unexpected events. Retain information through hands-on experience. Relate sim topics to real-world scenarios.


Global Strategy
Business Strategy




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Combining our simulation Corporation with our quizzes and assignments gives you the tools to assess your students’ understanding of the concepts of strategy. The following grading rubric works best to provide a thorough assessment of your students’ knowledge and understanding.
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Got questions? Find answers!

Which classes is this simulation suitable for?

Corporation is designed for courses focusing on Global Strategy, Corporate Strategy, or General Strategy. Its prime use is in undergraduate-level classes. The simulation is financially-intensive, encompassing different world regions within a fictionalized context. It provides a comprehensive learning experience, introducing students to various aspects like negotiations, valuation, and strategic diversification.

What is the ideal team size for the simulation?

We recommend teams of 3-4 students. Beyond four, collaboration tends to become more challenging, affecting the decision-making process—a critical part of the simulation experience. Teams of two are also viable, but they lack the robust exchange of ideas and constructive disagreements inherent in larger groups.

What is the duration of the simulation?

The simulation runs for a minimum of six periods and a maximum of 12 periods, each period represents 6 months. On average, students will devote approximately an hour to two hours for decision-making in each period.

How do I find out more?

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