Interpretive Assignments

Our simulations have always come with assignments that go along with and often use information from the simulation to deepen your students’ understanding of business concepts. Now our assignments have become much easier to use—both for the student and the instructor!
Located within the Course Site that’s prepared for each class, your students can now access the assignments for the simulation easily. From the instructor’s perspective, all assignments are now easily assigned, accessed, and graded, all within our course site!

Easily set up assignments for your class

Robust options for assigning and grading

Make assignments automatically graded

Export: export student grades into Excel

Watch our Live Webinar

To help you get familiar with this new module, we hosted a live webinar on April 26th at 2 pm ET. During the webinar, we went over how to set up assignments, the customization options, grading features, and much more! 
We hope this video was helpful! But we will be happy to schedule an individual walk-through as well, just let us know! 

For each assignment, instructors can easily assign:

  • Open and Close Date
  • Late Period allowance (if you wish)
  • Penalty for late assignments
  • Number of attempts and a time limit, if desired
  • Assignment by Team or Individual

  • Allow students to show work, or not
  • A variety of grading methods (Right minus Wrong, Strict, Relaxed, etc.)
  • A tolerance level for variety for numeric answers
  • A pass/fail threshold
  • And much more!

Timeline for our Assignments Module release

BizCafe, CountryManager, HRManagement, NewShoes, Airline, Entrepreneur

Full release and ready to use in Summer 2022! Contact your CRM for details!


Limited use in Summer 2023. Contact your CRM to pilot it! Full release Fall 2023.

StratSimMarketing and StratSimManagement

Limited use Fall 2023. Contact your CRM to pilot it! Full release Spring 2024.

Assignments module

With the new Assignments module, we hope to make less work for you and better learning for your students!
Contact your Customer Relationship Manager to find out more today!