Interpretive Challenge Spring 2021

It is our pleasure to announce that we have winners for The Interpretive Challenge! Along with Dr. Marina Field, we would like to congratulate them on their hard work and dedication. We thank them for participating and helping to make the scholarship competition a success!

Corinne Wood

“The simulation was by far my favorite part of the HR class experience. It enabled me to work together with my team to collaboratively discuss possible outcomes of different decisions that I otherwise hadn’t thought very deeply about. I learned how to manage a budget and plan ahead for future quarters using trial and error as well as the simulation feedback notes
On a personal note, the simulation experience brought me closer to my two teammates who I had never met outside of class previously. We have met up with each other multiple times to grab lunch or drinks, met each other’s significant others, and planned other upcoming events for after this class. Needless to say this definitely would not have happened without the bonding experience of trying to successfully run an HR department together!”

Yanni Gacopoulos

“The simulation was a fantastic opportunity to put on our “HR Director” hats and practice class frameworks and theories in a real-world scenario. We were able to observe in each quarter the results of our decisions and their impact on our organization. The case study and simulation were very realistic, and we were able to learn what it is like to be a real HR Director!”

Olivia Wiles

“The simulation experience was a unique look into the real challenges that Human Resource Managers face, and the impact that their decisions make. Throughout the semester, my classmates and I were able to watch our companies evolve and strategize based on theories learned in class. My teammates and I gained a deeper understanding of Human Resource theory as it applies in practice, and became closer friends in the process.”

Interpretive Challenge

We launched The Interpretive Challenge campaign to select one professor who would have an opportunity to win a $1000 scholarship for a winning team in their class.

We created The Interpretive Challenge Scholarship in hope to support students in their academic achievements. Our goal is to provide an exciting and realistic learning environment, and by doing so also encourage students to excel.

The winner of The Interpretive Challenge for Spring 2021 was Professor Marina Field at the Columbia University. Professor Field used our HRManagement simulation in her Human Resource Management class this Spring/Winter 2021 semester.

Our next Interpretive Challenge will be for Fall 2021 semester!

Stay tuned for details!