I have been associated with the logistics industry for over 15 years with extensive experience in Distribution, Transportation, Marketing Strategy, Client Collaboration, and Supply Chain Management. As a professor, I believe in coaching my students and motivating by approaching challenges as opportunities. Through case-based learning, students obtain real-world skills that will make them successful, value-adding, professionals. As a professional, I am a strategic leader, focused on customer success, with extensive experience in supply chain management.

Personal Attributes:
• Leadership and decision-making experience within supply chain management teams.
• Demonstrated experience in manufacturing and material environments.
• Developing Analytical and Data-Driven Marketing Strategy.
• Experience with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) supporting global supply chains.
• Proven people and client facing skills within 10+ years of management experience.
• Strong project management skills including New Product Development, launch, and ERP Systems.

Specialties: Supply Chain Management, Strategic Planning, Corporate Financial Strategy, Consumer/Industrial Marketing.

My experience with Entrepreneur

I teach Retail Management at Central Michigan University and I have integrated the use of the Entrepreneur Simulation into my course prep. Interpretive Simulations is a strong partner and this is reinforced through their support of faculty and students; Interpretive Simulations continuously improves and adapts their simulations to the ever-changing environments of industry and higher education. As an advocate for case-based and real-world learning, I have been very pleased to incorporate these simulations into my classroom as they provide students with tremendous value as they prepare to enter industry!

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