Human Resource Management Simulation

HRManagement is a competitive Human Resource Management simulation where students manage the human resources department of a medium-sized organization. Acting as the newly-appointed Human Resource Director of a firm of 600 employees, decisions range from making budgets to setting policy, as well as dealing with incidents common to the Human Resource function.


Human Resource




Peggy Golden, Jerald Smith,
Mike Deighan


The main objective of HRManagement is to simulate the operation of a human resource department with realistic budget and market constraints. Students must not only make informed decisions, but they must react to the outcomes of their decisions.

HRManagement is designed with the following learning goals for your students:

  • Planning & Analysis

    • Write a strategic HR plan
    • Monitor implementation of the plan
    • Work within a budget
    • Develop a budget proposal

  • Staffing

    • Project staffing requirements
    • Adjust to changing staffing needs
    • Decide between promotion and hires
    • Diversify the workforce

  • Compensation

    • Explain methods of compensation
    • Describe common benefits offered
    • Calculate total cost of compensation

  • Training & Development

    • Describe different types of training
    • Estimate required training for hires
    • Identify programs for employee development
    • Explain importance of performance appraisal

  • Employee Relations

    • Identify laws regulating employment
    • Create a safe work environment
    • Understand what motivates employees
    • Discuss challenges in employee relations

  • Teamwork

    • Allocate responsibilities fairly
    • Complete assigned tasks on time
    • Communicate problems and plans
    • Collaborate with other team members


Students assume the newly created position of Human Resources Director for a medium sized firm with over 600 employees. The firm has experienced significant expansion in the past few years and the human resource department and its functions have not kept pace with company growth. The CEO has instructed the new director to get the human resource department organized and build a strong HR function. Students must set some ambitious, yet realistic, quantifiable goals for their department.


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Decision Periods (quarters)






Incidents (mini-cases)


Combining our simulation HRManagement with our quizzes and assignments gives you the tools to assess your students’ understanding of the concepts of HR Management. The following grading rubric works best to assess your students’ knowledge and understanding, providing a thorough assessment.

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