LaTrice Moore, D.B.A. is the Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator and Professor of Business Administration at Polk State College. She regularly serves as a consultant for businesses regarding marketing and management strategies to improve morale and profitability; she also serves as a consultant for individuals regarding professional image solutions through her company Purple Lion Consulting. Currently, she is in the process of writing a book that focuses on women in the workplace.

She established Polk State College’s Entrepreneurship Certificate program in 2012. The program has been designed to engage and encourage students to capitalize on the business-friendly policies and environment of the state. Through education and training, individuals can raise their own economic potential, thereby contributing to the success and development of the County and State.

My experience with Entrepreneur

I have used Entrepreneur for over nine years with my introduction to entrepreneurship students. I enjoy the opportunity to allow students to see what it is like to run a small business. Since the simulation is used in an introduction course, it gives students foundational knowledge on what goes into running a business. Students can also refer back to what they learned using Entrepreneur when they develop their own business plan in the small business management course. Over the years, the most common statement from students, “wow, it opened my eyes on how much goes into running a business.” Since my course is only offered online, it helps students learn how to work on a virtual team which has become vital skill over the last year.

Entrepreneur Master Class will be here in...