New 3+3 StratSim Scenario

An Alternative Scenario option

We are excited to announce the release of our newest StratSim 3+3 scenario!

The 3+3 scenario does not simply refresh existing options – it provides a substantially different experience from start to finish.
Built on instructor feedback and changing market needs, the 3+3 scenario provides an updated experience for both students and faculty.

New vehicle classes reflecting current trends

More impactful distribution/regional decisions

Updated consumer segments with different needs

Challenging economic conditions


Equal resources and opportunity against their “peer” firms (direct competitors)
Financial Position
Firms A, B, C = Same
Firms D, E, F = Same


Home Regions:
Firms A, D = North
Firms B, E = South
Firms C, F = West
All firms directly compete in the East. Each firm has a region where they have no presence. Each firm has a region where they are a secondary player


Alternative Energy Vehicles (AEVs) play a more prominent role in the 3+3 scenario.
Students will want to consider AEVs as part of their long-term strategy.

Vehicle Classes

All firms have a sedan and crossover vehicle.
A, B, C have a multipurpose vehicle (MPV).
D, E, F have a luxury class vehicle.
Performance, AEV, and truck classes may be developed and introduced.
Delivery vehicle available if playing B2B.


Rotate scenarios

Alternate simulations between terms without students being able to easily share prior terms’ successful approaches.

Updated conditions

Include updated vehicle classes, technology shifts, and economic conditions reflecting today’s auto industry

Focus on Distribution

Increase the role of distribution/regional decisions in strategic planning

Grading flexibility

Ensure grades are fair by comparing within the groups of 3 equal start firms

Teams configuration in 3+3 Scenario

  • 6 teams, which would be 3 on the low end, 3 on the high end
  • 4 teams, which would be two on the low end, two on the high end, and then the final two teams just don’t do anything, and that’s kind of a free region for them to go into.
  • 3 teams where 3 firms are all on the low end or all on the high end.

StratSim Available Scenarios Overview

The video compares the traditional unique-start and even-start scenarios to the new 3+3 on factors like number of firms, vehicles, assignments, economic conditions and more.
Useful for instructors considering changing scenarios or trying 3+3 for the first time.
Review teaching resources and sample games:

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