Our simulation assignments are now completely online!

A new assignment module for our simulations!

One of the many benefits of using our simulations is that they come with integrated assignments that work with the simulation’s content. However, for years they’ve been simply PDFs and were cumbersome and hard to grade.
Now we’ve created a new Assignment Module in your simulation course site, making it easier for students to complete and easier for instructors grade and or assess them! Not only are the assignments in this new module (through the course site) but now many of them can be auto-graded, leaving instructors more time to teach and assess their students’ understanding! With a complete view of your students’ performance all in one place, it will be easier to identify gaps in your students’ understanding.
Setting up the assignments is quick and easy. We’ve created a useful guide and video to help you learn the interface. You can also just login and check it out on your own! As always, we’re there to help if you’d like to walk through them with us.

Additional features for instructors include the ability to:

  • Schedule open/close dates
  • Provide a late period to extend a deadline (with the option to penalize)
  • Allow multiple attempts at an assignment
  • Accommodate individual accessibility needs
  • Create your own custom assignments, and more!

Available for:


Coming Soon:


To find out more, contact us your Customer Relationship Manager (if you’re currently a customer) or reach out to us at simulations@interpretive.com!
Thank you for choosing Interpretive Simulations! We look forward to working with you!