Samantha Svoboda

For as long as she could remember, Samantha loved learning. She was always keen to share her discoveries with those around her. Her lifelong interest in the environment grew from her innate love of nature and as she hiked our National Parks. And, when it was time to pick a profession, she was drawn to the practical, results-oriented nature of business.

These threads of life experience culminated when she authored The Green Business Lab, a sustainable business simulation. The Lab draws on her decades of experience helping people learn about business sustainability and reflects her passions. It has been used in corporate programs, including GE Capital, Rio Tinto, Chrysler Financial, Santander Bank, and numerous university programs.

Before founding the Lab, she led corporate leadership and business acumen simulations with companies such as General Electric, Intuit, Allstate, and Office Depot.

She was an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service for the Science, Technology, and International Affairs major, teaching business sustainability for nine years.

She helped to found the Corporate Environmental Management Program at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business – now the Erb Institute – and served as its first Assistant Director.

She holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She enjoys running marathons, including New York City, Big Sur, and Chicago. And has traveled broadly in North and South America and Europe.