Creating a Complete Student Experience

CountryManager simulation + Foreign Market Entry and Growth e-book bundle

Creating a Complete Student Experience

While CountryManager has become the centerpiece of many marketing courses, professors still have to piece together other readings, cases, videos, and assignments.  So, while CountryManager has filled the applied and experiential learning gap nicely, the opportunity to provide instructors with an end-to-end package of course materials remains.

And so, work began on developing a companion eBook for CountryManager, and we turned to CountryManager co-author, Martin Roth, and his colleague Doug Quackenbos to write the text and develop the course materials.

Both Roth and Quackenbos have extensive experience both academically and in industry that influences their ability to create a solid, integrated solution for our customers.

Foreign Market Entry and Growth

The goal of Foreign Market Entry and Growth is to provide instructors and their students with a complete set of learning resources for a global or international marketing course, or a marketing strategy course with a strong global orientation. Designed to complement both seven and 14-week courses, and both in-seat and online learning modalities, this book provides week-by-week guidance on structuring a course that incorporates CountryManager in a seamless and productive way.

The eBook guides the student journey in understanding why companies expand internationally, frameworks for pursuing international growth, how to identify and select new markets, and ways to develop and implement successful global marketing strategies.  Chapters are brief, focusing on key concepts, frameworks, examples, and linkages to CountryManager.  Discussion questions, analytic assignments, brief and full-length cases, video interviews with managers and executives, PowerPoint slides, and quizzes are integrated into each chapter.  Instructors select which of these resources they want to include, and students access them on the Foreign Market Entry and Growth website.

We are pleased to offer this end-to-end solution for instructors teaching international marketing courses.  As is the tradition at Interpretive, we encourage faculty to seek support and provide feedback so we can improve your students’ learning experiences. 

When we launched CountryManager, we had no idea how strong it would be 20 years later.  Now, we hope and expect that Foreign Market Entry and Growth will provide aspiring global marketers with the knowledge, tools, and experiences that will ensure their success for many decades to come.