Interpretive Simulations now offers The Green Business Lab

A dynamic learning experience with a focus on sustainability

We’re thrilled to announce that Interpretive Simulations has partnered with The Green Business Lab to bring cutting-edge sustainable business practices to your classroom. It is critical that we prepare students to successfully compete in a world with rapidly changing priorities. The simulation is designed from the ground up by Samantha Svoboda, based on her 20 years of experience working with universities and companies on the forefront of this field.
Now is the time.
In the Green Business Lab, participants take the role of an Executive Team whose Board of Directors has tasked them with ensuring company profitability while limiting their environmental footprint and growing business and social value. Further, they must lead their company with accountability and respect for employees and other stakeholders.
The Lab is designed to be transparent, relevant, and encourage innovative thinking.
Transparency is essential so students can develop their perspective on business sustainability based on experimentation and reflection.  The Lab has been carefully crafted so that no “black box” or hidden algorithm affects their results. Transparency allows students to clearly see the connection between their decisions and performance results.
Staying relevant is crucial, as business sustainability is a fast-moving topic. Many companies are making rapid progress toward triple bottom-line goals. The Green Business Lab keeps pace with change by adding new content based on current business practices.
Finally, innovation is vital as business transitions from unsustainable practices to sustainable ones. Innovative ideas often come from a holistic view of the world around us. Combinations of solutions or applying existing ideas from one industry or market to another are common.  Students apply leading practices from across industries to improve triple bottom line performance.
The Lab includes special assignments and optional creative projects to increase participation from all Executive Team members. Faculty select these assignments and projects to emphasize key learning objectives. All are scored in the Lab according to the triple bottom line.  Participants learn by doing, building knowledge and skills as they work toward creating a better future.
The Green Business Lab continues what Interpretive’s customers have learned to expect: unique, realistic simulations supported by our outstanding customer support team.
Reach out and let us know more about your class and set up a walkthrough demo with us and the staff at The Green Business Lab.