Business Essentials & Entrepreneurship Simulations for your Class

“It is impossible for the other simulations to compete with you!”
-Current Instructor

BizCafe and Entrepreneur Simulations

Business simulations show students how the knowledge they’ve learned applies to a real business. Students gain a practical understanding of what it takes to run a successful small business, but they also learn how the concepts they’ve experienced in your class will apply in their future career.

Our Business Essentials and Entrepreneurship simulations complement traditional teaching methods, with numerous additional resources to make their experience well-rounded. Think of it as a simulated internship! All of our simulations start with a case the defines the environment and scenario. Students will encounter a business with REAL products from the real world. As they progress in the simulation, their decisions will have ramifications on the performance of their business. Their strategy for success will be tested, but along the way they will learn how the basic principles of business apply, regardless of the industry.

Instructors and students consistently report that using simulations greatly complements the objectives of their course and provides real experience with marketing concepts!

BizCafe simulation

BizCafe is a business essentials simulation that introduces students to running a business. It is designed to help your students learn about the challenges and rewards of making good decisions in a small, service-based business. Students will learn about management, operations, marketing, and accounting by running their own coffee shop.

For classes in Introduction to Business & Small Business Management

Entrepreneur Simulation

Entrepreneur is a retail entrepreneurship simulation where students purchase and operate a retail clothing store. They must evaluate financing options at startup, make staffing, marketing, and inventory management decisions for up to twelve simulated quarters. Your students will work as a team to compete against other teams in class, growing sales and managing operations to maximize profits.

For classes in Entrepreneurship & Retail Management


BizCafe covers the first 13 weeks of a business, while Entrepreneur covers 3 years. Each suits different class’ needs: BizCafe -Small Business Management, and Entrepreneur -Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur focuses more on start up decisions and inventory management than BizCafe does, but BizCafe offers the general overview needed for intro to business students.

Simulations’ Features

Academic Price

BizCafe and Entrepreneur simulations are priced at $29.95 USD per user

Learning Areas

Business Environment; Staffing; Marketing; Operations; Accounting/Finance

Assessment Tools

Simulation Results; Quizzes; Online Peer Evaluation; Assignments; Mini-Cases.

Customer Support

Our simulations are fully supported by an experienced Customer Service Team.