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People learn best by doing. It’s just that simple.

Interpretive shares your goal of creating tomorrow’s business leaders. Today’s students need to understand complex problems, experience working in teams of people with diverse opinions and personalities, and ultimately come to a decision in the face of many competing options. That part isn’t simple. And that is why students need practice. Simulations provide that practice in a low-risk, highly engaging environment. We will continue to improve and expand our range of simulations to meet the ever-changing demands of our worldwide customers. Everyone at Interpretive is looking forward to working with you.

Stu James
Founder and Author, Interpretive Simulations

Our people are here to help

Our primary goal is to help instructors give their students the opportunity to “Learn by Doing”. We not only have products to provide that experience, but the people to make that happen for your students. I started in 2001 at Interpretive as a customer support/technical specialist, and then soon moved into our development team as a programmer. As President, I’ve used that experience to reinforce what I myself learned by doing: that you, our customer are of primary importance. I am committed to our customer support promise to give you real people to talk to, a team committed to your success, outstanding products, and fast and accurate answers to both you and your students.

Clayton Shumate
President, Interpretive Simulations

Interpretive's marketing team

Marketing Team

Our marketing team has years of experience in the simulation industry for higher education! We’re responsible for marketing and promotion, as well as sales coordination. Our most important job is to listen to the objectives each instructor wants to achieve as well as the challenges they face in their course. We attend dozens of academic conferences every year and it’s often the best place for those conversations. We’re also responsible for our website, promotions, as well as contributing to the development of our sims by providing industry context and design ideas. To us, marketing is about the relationship we have with our customers, understanding their needs, and providing the resource for those needs.

Customer Support

If you use one of our simulations, you will come in contact with our Customer Support team—they’re there to help you set up your class, answer questions along the way, and ensure your students have the best experience possible with our simulations! As a company, we’ve invested heavily into support because our customers deserve it! Our Customer Relationship Managers oversee the sims by general category: Marketing, Management, and Strategy. Each of them has a Customer Relationship Specialist who assists our customers by answering questions, setting up classes, and much more. Our customer support team has direct access to the authors of our simulations as well as our development team, giving them the resources to answer your questions as needed.

Interpretive's support team

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