Business Simulations

Bring real-world experience into the classroom!

We look forward to working with you!

Have you considered introducing experiential learning into your class? With our simulations, you can!

For over 30 years, Interpretive Simulations has offered simulations to meet the needs of business instructors to bring real-world experience into the classroom! Given the current environment in higher education where many classes are hybrid or even all online classes, many instructors find that simulations meet their need for turning concepts into skills because our simulations are completely online!

It’s easy to review our simulations! Request a demo and we’ll set you up with a Faculty access that will allow you to peruse all of our materials and to play the simulation yourself. Plus, we’re glad to do a web meeting and walk you through the simulation, answering all your questions. 

We have 12 simulations covering a broad range of areas in Management, Marketing, and Strategy: 

Management Simulations

Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Strategy, and Strategic Management classes.

Marketing Simulations

Intro to Marketing, Marketing Principles, Marketing Management, International Marketing, and Marketing Strategy classes

Strategy Simulations

General Strategy, Global Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Strategic Management, and China-Focused Strategy classes.

100% Web-based

Our Simulations and our Resources are 100% accessible through a web browser. They’re already set up to be used on a computer and most students flawlessly navigate through them.


Our simulations are typically played throughout the whole term, but they can also be done over an intensive shorter time. We’ll set up your simulation to best suit your needs.


We are ready to support you, whether it’s to set up your class, help you get to know our simulation and our resources, or answer student questions. We’re committed to giving you personalized assistance!


Nothing indicates that a student understands business concepts than a measure of how well they used them when they needed to. Our simulations provide that environment for you.

Learn By Doing

Our simulations put the student in the seat of making decisions for a business, in a variety of roles so they must take what they learn in your class and materials, and apply it to their business.


Each of our simulations comes with numerous resources, including Assignments, Quizzes, etc. You can use these materials to help deepen your students’ understanding of the concepts you teach!

Evaluate Simulations

To demo our Business Simulations, please fill out the Request a Demo Form and we’ll send your Faculty access right away! This access allows you to review our simulations and all our resources.