International Marketing eBook and Simulation bundle

Interpretive Simulations is pleased to announce a new eBook Integrated with our International Marketing simulation, CountryManager!

The bundled text, cases, videos, assignments, presentations, quizzes, exams, and simulation provide an integrated end-to-end solution for international marketing, global marketing and globally oriented marketing management /strategy courses.


Authored by Martin Roth and Douglas Quackenbos, this eBook guides the students in understanding why companies expand internationally, frameworks for pursuing international growth, how to identify and select new markets, and ways to develop and implement successful global marketing strategies.  Chapters are brief, focusing on key concepts, frameworks, examples, and linkages to our CountryManager simulation.  Analytic assignments, mini and full-length cases, PowerPoint presentations, and quizzes are provided for each chapter.  The eBook’s structure allows instructors to utilize all or select chapters.

E-book integrated with Interpretive's International Marketing simulation, a comprehensive resource for students exploring global marketing concepts and strategies.

An End-to-End Solution for Teaching International Marketing

Authors Martin Roth and Douglas Quackenbos have teamed up with us to create the best possible end-to-end solution for teaching international marketing. Our CountryManager + ebook bundle is more than just a textbook—it’s a complete set of resources. This bundle includes:


Access to our CountryManager simulation

New ebook

Foreign Market Entry & Growth, written by established instructors with years of industry experience.

Five Analytic Assignments

For in-depth analysis on subjects like international growth rates, as well as pricing and foreign exchange rates

Six Cases in Brief

With teaching notes and discussions which are smaller, more focused cases.

Seven Chapter Quizzes

That challenge the student to think deeper about what they read

IMD Cases

Five IMD Cases along with teaching notes.

Seven video interviews

One per chapter, with top-level executives about issues in international marketing.

Instructor Manual

With advice about utilizing all of these resources for a complete end-to-end solution for your class!

The ‘Tudes Survey

Covering the seven important internal issues associated with foreign expansion success. Based off the 2016 Harvard Business Review article “Does Your Company Have What It Takes to Go Global”.

Videos from Marty Roth

Six in-depth videos from co-author Marty Roth about specific issues in CountryManager (from Brand Equity to Pricing).

linkages to our CountryManager simulation

Numerous connections and integrations of the core content to our simulation CountryManager, including discussion questions.

Martin Roth

Dr. Martin S. Roth became President of the University of Charleston in July 2018. Before coming to West Virginia, he was Dean and Professor of Management & Marketing at the Barney School of Business, University of Hartford. He was previously Chair of the Sonoco International Business Department, Executive Director of the flagship International MBA Program, and Chief Innovation & Assessment Officer at the University of South Carolina’s top ranked Darla Moore School of Business.

Douglas Quackenbos

Douglas Quackenbos is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, where he teaches B2B Marketing, Strategy, Sales, and Global Marketing to upper-level undergraduate and MBA students. Prior to joining the UofSC in 2016, he had a 27-year corporate career – including over a decade of international assignments in Europe and Latin America – leading multinational organizations in global business development initiatives.

Author Interview

In this video, the authors talk about the book’s origins, purpose, and suggested use.

Introduction to the authors, background. 00:07
Why did you write this book? 01:13
You've broken the book up into two modules, tell us why you did that and what you have in mind for the student experience? 04:00
You've integrated this book with our simulation CountryManager. Tell us more about that integration and why it's important for learning outcomes. 05:28
What will instructors find included in each chapter? 06:58
The ebook bundle also contains what you call the "Seven Tudes" survey. Tell us about them and how it applies to student learning? 10:19
We've had customers who teach international marketing tell us that this class is a unique confluence of the many disciplines of marketing. How does your book help pull all of those together? 12:18
Why did you choose Interpretive Simulations? 16:34

Creating a Complete Student Experience

While CountryManager has become the centerpiece of many marketing courses, professors still have to piece together other readings, cases, videos, and assignments.  So, while CountryManager has filled the applied and experiential learning gap nicely, the opportunity to provide instructors with an end-to-end package of course materials remains.


The eBook consists seven chapters.  The first three chapters cover the first module of the course that sets up the strategic imperative of international expansion for organizational growth.  The final four chapters cover the second module on strategic and tactical considerations for global marketing success.

  • Module 1 – International Expansion
    • Why International Expansion?
    • What Is International Marketing and What Is Marketing’s Role in International Expansion and Growth?
    • Where to Expand? Identifying and Selecting New Market Opportunities

  • Module 2 – Strategies and Tactics for Global Marketing Success
    • How to Expand Part 1: Entry Modes and Channel Management
    • Part 2: Products, Services, and Brands
    • Part 3: Pricing to Capture Value
    • Mastering the Global Mindset

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