Instructor's Guides to our Business Simulations

Get familiar with our business simulations!

We put together instructor guides for our simulations so you can easily get to know them! During these videos, we go over the simulation interface, explore the simulation course site, go over the set-up information and review the support we offer!

We are confident that our simulation will be a valuable learning tool for your students. We look forward to working with you!

BizCafe Simulation

HRManagement Simulation

Entrepreneur Simulation

Airline Simulation

NewShoes Simulation

PharmaSim Simulation

CountryManager Simulation

StratSimMarketing Simulation


We offer fully administered simulations, which means we take care of all the simulation logistics.


A comprehensive documentation that addresses all you need to know about simulations and effective implementation.

Advanced Options

Each of our business simulations comes with a variety of scenarios & simulation settings instructors can choose from.


Our prices range from $29.95 through $49.95 per user for academic use. Our simulations are affordable and effective!

Meet your Customer Relationship Managers


Laura Arnold

Customer Relationship Manager for Marketing Simulations


Holly Miller

Customer Relationship Manager for Strategy Simulations


Johanna Ackert

Customer Relationship Manager for BizCafe and Entrepreneur simulations


Colin Krueger

Customer Relationship Manager for HRManagement simulation