Exciting Updates to BizCafe for Fall 2024

Exciting Updates to BizCafe for Fall 2024

New eBook
Updated Interface and Marketing Decision

Discover our latest BizCafe updates! 

We are very excited to announce several updates to our BizCafe simulation!
BizCafe brings real-world business challenges to the classroom, immersing students in the daily operations of a local coffee shop. Students learn to handle staff management, product marketing, weekly operations, and the use of financial statements for decision-making.
If you didn’t get a chance to join our recent webinar, you can watch the webinar recording here to learn more about our exciting updates and discover how BizCafe can enhance your curriculum!

What's New in BizCafe:

New eBook: We’re excited to share a new integrated eBook, Brewing a Business, available for the Fall 2024 semester! This eBook is designed to be used alongside BizCafe to provide an end-to-end solution for teaching Introduction to Business.
Redesigned Interface: Our simulation now features a modern, customizable interface with an easy onboarding experience and responsive layout that works seamlessly on a wide range of devices.
Updated Marketing Decision: BizCafe now includes advertising options aligned with current trends, offering students practical, real-world marketing experience.

Why Choose the BizCafe and eBook Bundle?

For your next Intro to Business or Business Essentials class, bundle the best intro to business simulation with our brand new, integrated eBook!
The BizCafe & eBook bundle is available for $79.95 per student starting Fall 2024. The bundle combines the BizCafe simulation with the Brewing a Business eBook, and includes assignments, mini-cases, discussion prompts, and quizzes, ensuring students gain a thorough understanding of business concepts and practical skills.

To get started:

To review BizCafe and the eBook for your course, please schedule a live demo with us and/or request demo access.
If you already have your Faculty Access, please log in and select the Simulations tab to go to our NEW eBook bundle sample course site!
We look forward to working with you!
Interpretive Team