First-Time Instructor Guide

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All of Interpretive’s simulations include our fully administered services. We take care of the logistics of managing your simulation event, which allows you to focus on teaching. When you choose to adopt our simulation, you are partnered with one of our customer relationship managers (CRMs) who are there to answer your questions and help you integrate the simulation into your class. In addition, our experienced customer support specialists will answer all student technical simulation questions submitted online, within 24 hours.

One of the real benefits of the simulation experience for faculty and students is the meaningful conversation that occurs as core concepts are brought to life. Our customer support team is experienced at only answering appropriate technical simulation questions, so as not to interfere with this interaction.

Once you decide to use our simulation, the following summarizes the general process of running a simulation in your class:

Interpretive Simulations' Support team


Easy setup with our Support Team

- Contact faculty support to create your simulation course site
- Choose simulation options
- Select assignments
- Provide student list
- Provide simulation schedule

introduce simulation to students

Simulation Startup

Introduce the simulation to Students

- Introduce simulation to students
- Students take Case Quiz
- Lead case discussion


Period Decisions

Students engage with the simulation

- Make period assignments available
- Students enter period decisions
- Simulation advances
- View comparative results
- Grade period assignment
- Repeat this section each period until the simulation is over.

Simulation Wrap-Up

Debrief and explore lessons learned

- Final presentation assignment
- Peer Evaluation
- Students take Concepts Quiz
- Simulation assessment

Faculty Access

If you forgot your Instructor ID/Password or you didn’t receive your faculty access email, you can use our Search Form to have your user ID sent to your registered email address.

Evaluate Simulations

If you don’t have Instructor Access to our simulations already, please fill out the Request a Demo Form and we’ll send it out right away! This access allows you to review our simulations and all our resources.