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International Marketer Videos


Authored by Martin Roth and Douglas Quackenbos, this eBook will guide the student journey in understanding why companies expand internationally, frameworks for pursuing international growth, how to identify and select new markets, and ways to develop and implement successful global marketing strategies.  Chapters are brief, focusing on key concepts, frameworks, examples, and linkages to our CountryManager simulation.  Analytic assignments, mini and full-length cases, PowerPoint Presentations, and quizzes will be integrated into each chapter.  The eBook will be structured such that instructors can utilize all or select chapters.

International Marketer Videos

Each chapter contains a video interview with an executive or manager who shares their international marketing experiences. The interviews cover key chapter concepts and help students, particularly those with little to no work experience, better understand the challenges and opportunities real managers and their companies face in expanding abroad.
The international marketer video hyperlinks are embedded in the chapter text. These can be shown in class, assigned for viewing, and used for class discussions.
Below you will find video interviews and description of videos by chapter:

Chapter 1: Gregg Gallagher, Vice President of the Americas at Church’s Chicken

In an industry facing increasing disruption, expanding into new markets and growing in existing ones is increasingly challenging. Gregg Gallagher, Vice President of the Americas, discusses how Church’s identifies new international expansion opportunities across the thirty-five countries in Central, North, and South America.

Chapter 2: Tiffany Crumpton, Vice President, Customer Retention at Blackbaud

Join Tiffany Crumpton, Vice President, Customer Retention at Blackbaud, to learn how the company assesses new market opportunities to select the best expansion targets and how they use their existing marketing materials to implement the international expansion process.

Chapter 3: Stefan Brosick, CEO at Con Forms

As the new CEO at Con Forms, Stefan Brosick and his team are focused on growing their business. With established operations in Germany and the United States, they are seeking opportunities to expand internationally. Watch an interview in which he discusses the location selection and other international expansion challenges he faces leading the company’s international business efforts.

Chapter 4: Marcy Campbell, Vice President of Global Professional Services, Global Instore, Honey, Venmo, BNPL, and Fraud Sales at PayPal

Watch and listen as Marcy Campbell, Vice President of Global Professional Services, Global Instore, Honey, Venmo, BNPL, and Fraud Sales at PayPal, describes the company’s approach to selecting, entering, and growing in international markets.

Chapter 5: Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Coca-Cola Global Strategy: Choices

Watch and listen as Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Coca-Cola Global Strategy: Choices, shares insights on how this iconic brand maintains its worldwide stature while staying relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Chapter 6: Fernando Jimenez-Delgado, Former Head of Marketing and Brands Iberia at Electrolux

Getting pricing right is critical to ensuring that Electrolux’s profitability is optimized as well as to obtaining the desired brand positioning. Watch Fernando Jimenez-Delgado, PhD, former Head of Marketing and Brands Iberia, Electrolux, as he discusses how he developed pricing strategies for the Iberia region.

Chapter 7: Brad Smith, Executive Chairman, Intuit

Intuit’s Executive Chairman, Brad Smith, shares insights on the organizational traits that make some companies better at doing business internationally than others. He also describes characteristics that make certain managers more successful than others on international assignments and talks about examples of skills or lessons learned abroad that Intuit has leveraged back at its US headquarters.

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