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Bring real-world experience into your classroom with our Business Simulations! 

The Green Business Lab

Interpretive Simulations now offers The Green Business Lab: A dynamic learning experience with a focus on sustainability

Our Management, Marketing, and Strategy Simulations.

  • Our management simulations help students learn the fundamentals of business, develop critical thinking skills, and apply their knowledge in a dynamic industry.
  • Students function as a “real-life” company, making informed decisions and reacting to the outcomes of their decisions.

  • Our marketing simulations challenge students to analyze their position, make decisions, and understand the interrelation of different marketing elements.
  • Students can gain a deeper understanding of marketing principles and tactics by testing their ideas and observing the outcomes of their decisions through these simulations.

  • Our strategy simulations challenge students to implement their strategy by making a wide range of decisions in marketing, operations, management, and finances.
  • The simulations reinforce strategic concepts such as SWOT analysis, market positioning, creating and implementing a business strategy, and the interrelation of decisions, helping students to better understand and apply these concepts.

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At Interpretive, our commitment extends beyond providing realistic business simulations. We prioritize comprehensive support for our customers, ensuring a seamless teaching experience. Our fully administered services enable you to focus on instruction while we manage the logistics of your simulation event.
Choose our business simulations and be paired with a dedicated customer relationship manager (CRM) ready to assist in integrating our simulations into your class, and to answer any questions you may have. Our experienced customer support specialists promptly respond to all technical simulation inquiries from students within 24 hours. With our committed support team, you can confidently implement our business simulations, enhancing your classroom learning environment.
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How much does it cost?

Our prices range from $29.95 through $49.95 USD per user for academic use. Our simulations are affordable and effective!

Is it customizable?

Each of our business simulations comes with a variety of scenarios & simulation settings instructors can choose from.

How long does it take to set up a simulation?

The setup process is quick and easy within the same business day! Our support team will let you know the information we need from you about your course and will get everything set up on your site promptly.

How do I assess my students’ performance?

We provide several tools that help you assess students’ understanding of business concepts, including quizzes, assignments, and a weighted scorecard of simulation performance measures.

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Key Features of Our Business Simulations

Tour Videos

Guided tours of the simulation for faculty and students.


All assignments are now easily assigned, accessed, and graded.

Student Journey

A full report of student activity within the simulation.

Decision Rationale

Students can justify their decision choices each period.


Teammates can communicate with each other directly.