Experienced Executives Know That Simulations Matter to Business Education

Experienced business executives know that what matters in business education is that students learn how to analyze, formulate strategy, and make decisions—particularly on a team.
Bruce Gray, former banking executive and a Penn State Behrend alumnus, produced this short video as a brief introduction to our simulation BizCafe for students at the Black School of Business, Penn State Behrend–Erie, PA.
In this video, he explains why this simulation matters for their business education. He speaks about the importance of building consensus and making good decisions when they enter the business world and that this simulation gives them some experience with that.
BizCafe is your first chance to experience this. It's an important building block for your resume!

Thank you, Bruce for the time you took to produce this video as well as to instructor Gary Smith and the Black School of Business, Penn State Behrend — Erie, PA for making us aware of it!