Interpretive Simulations’ Student Interviews

One of the most satisfying parts of producing simulations for use in business schools is to hear how our sims impact student learning. It’s why we do what we do, frankly.
Recently we have begun to interview students who have used our sims over the years and are now well into their careers. We ask them to tell us about their experience and how that impacted their career going forward. What did it teach them?
Today we have an interview with Kassidi Koronkowski who used our simulation in a class during her time as an undergraduate at Concordia University Irvine. She’s currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Appulate, Inc. and has been in the marketing field since 2016.
In an interview with our Manager of Business Development, Peter Zinman, she talks about her experience with our simulation, StratSimManagement. They explore some of the learning outcomes she experienced while going through the simulation. In particular, she notes how those apply to her career today and explores some of her biggest takeaways. Kassidi says,
StratSimManagement gave me a lot of real world experience in a controlled environment, which was huge. One of the biggest things that I took away is the power of listening, so listening to your peers and making sure that everybody feels heard and that you are taking everybody's opinion into consideration.

Additionally, Kassidi, as a Marketing major made the connection to finance and making a business case. She said, “…being able to use finance every day and in marketing, being able to really create a business case that makes sense for the company as a whole…” were extremely important to her in her career going forward.
If you are one of our customers and have a student with whom you have remained in touch and you believe they would like to share their experience, please contact us at!