A major update to StratSimMarketing and StratSimManagement (Version 7.0)

Strategic Management simulation

We are excited to announce the update to our StratSim Simulations! Our development and support teams have listened to our customers and the result is a more intuitive, yet still robust strategic marketing and strategic management simulations!

Overall, StratSim version 7.0 is the result of a lot of your feedback—thank you! We hope you and your students will get the most out of StratSimManagement and StratSimMarketing.

Below you will see some of our favorite changes. For a complete list of updates (in detail), you can select the following:

Strategic Marketing simulation


Intuitive interface, easier navigation


All decisions are automatically logged, displaying the changes made and by which student at what time.


Decision rationale.


StratSim now has a fresh, intuitive interface, easier to navigate. Each menu is separated at the top of the screen, rather than hidden behind menu bars, making navigation easier for students as they work through their simulation!

The Dashboard now shows more measures and graphically displays the data for further analysis. The dashboard can also be modified and customized for each user’s view, giving them control over which measures they want to track.

Product Development decision page

On the Product Development decision page, the costs and development times of projects update as decisions are entered in real-time. Before, this information would only update after the decisions were saved. Each project is more clearly listed now, making vehicle and project selection more prominent, including the changes that students can make each year that the project is in development.

Concepts are now easier to locate at the bottom of the page, with a “build” option more noticeable to students to place their concept into development.

DECISION rationale

Each student can enter a rationale for each period’s decisions within the simulation interface, to discuss the changes they made and/or thoughts they want to discuss later with their team members or to refer to later. If students have a report or final presentation to complete at the end of the course, this is a great way to for students to keep track of their strategy and decisions along the way! The feature can be disabled at an instructor’s request.

Timeline for our release of StratSims 7.0

June 2021

Current customers can review and get familiar with our updates.

August 2021

Limited release! Updated simulation and all the resources will be available. At this stage you still have the option to use the previous version (StratSim 6.0).

January 2022

Full Product Release! It’s now the default version for all StratSim users!

To preview the updated simulation

Login with your Faculty Access and select the Simulations tab to view a full 45 minute webinar of the update! You can also preview the sample games on the Sample course site.
Under the Simulation tab you will see updated sample games.