Exploring Airline At Our Latest Webinar

We recently hosted a webinar reviewing our comprehensive strategy simulation, Airline, specifically designed for business strategy courses. The focus was on practical decision-making, highlighting the simulation’s realistic environment and educational value.
If you missed it, please continue reading!
During the webinar, Peter Zinman, our Manager of Business Development, explained how Airline puts participants directly into the manager role, running a mid-sized regional carrier. Arranged in teams, participants navigate a competitive environment across 8-12 simulated quarters to maintain positive cash flow and make a profit for their company.
Our Customer Relationship Manager, Holly Miller, outlined a series of decisions that bring key strategic management principles to life. In the simulation, participants work on fleet management, marketing, HR, operations, and finance– while responding to real-time “special decisions.”
Holly walked us through one of the decisions, fares, in great detail, showing what reports and tools are available to participants to make good decisions.
A demo walk-through offered a hands-on view of how students can navigate the simulation. This part of the webinar was designed to illustrate the interactive and intuitive nature of Airline, engaging students in strategic management challenges and decision-making processes.
Please review our webinar recording above for a full Airline demo!
Here are the highlights from the webinar:
Review of Fares decision process 7:19
Airline's learning objectives 7:15
Demo game 21:29