Enter to win a $1000 scholarship for your winning team!

The Interpretive Challenge Scholarship Overview:

We are pleased to announce that Interpretive Simulations will be offering the Interpretive Challenge Scholarship in 2022! The Interpretive Challenge provides an opportunity for an instructor to win $1,000 for a team of students by using one of our simulations during your class! After completing the simulation, the professor who is selected will award the scholarship to the winning team! The award will be made payable in the names of the students of the winning team.

Eligibility criteria

Interpretive has established the following eligibility criteria for the Winter/Spring 2022 Scholarship award:

  • All instructors who teach undergraduate and graduate courses can participate.
  • All instructors who teach in full time, online, or part time programs.
  • Instructors have to use Interpretive Simulations during the Winter/Spring 2022 class.
  • All Interpretive simulations are eligible.
  • Completion of the scholarship question is required by the professor.
  • By submitting your answer, you acknowledge and agree that Interpretive Simulations will own all publishing rights to your entries.

New and Current Instructors:

New Instructors: If you are considering integrating one of our simulations in your class, please fill out the Request a Demo form and you will receive access to review our simulations. When you decide to adopt the simulation, please answer the Scholarship question and send it to us at Your class will be entered in the contest as soon as we confirm you will be using the simulation in your class.

Current Instructors: If you are currently teaching with one of our simulations, simply answer the scholarship question and send it to us at Your class will be entered in the contest. If you are using several of our simulations, each of your classes will be entered separately and will have an opportunity to win.

Interpretive Challenge Entry Instructions:

To enter the scholarship contest, please respond to the question below:

“How will your class benefit from using a simulation?”
(choose one or several of these areas to discuss):

  • What students learned about teamwork
  • Critical thinking about business principles
  • Seeing the course/subject matter in the context of business
  • How it works with your Course Objectives
  • Innovative ways your students present their ideas/results (Final Report)
  • What lessons were learned
  • How students understand cause and effect
  • How students connect theory to practice
  • How do you measure performance (Pluses and minuses?)

The answers to the contest question must be submitted electronically to the Interpretive Team by January 5th via email address: Answers must be between 150 to 350 words.

We will confirm completion of all the requirements by the instructors who wish to enter the contest and will choose a participating class. Final award decisions will be made no later than January 12th, 2022.

Fall 2021 Winner!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of The Interpretive Challenge is Dr. Daniel Coleman, Schreiner University! Dr. Coleman will be using our NewShoes simulation in his Marketing class this Fall 2021 semester.

We want to thank everyone who participated! We received many outstanding answers and our only regret is that there can only be one winner.

To read Dr. Daniel Coleman’s scholarship entry, please click the button below.

Spring 2021 Winner!

The winner of The Interpretive Challenge for Spring/Winter 2021 semester was Dr. Marina Field, Columbia University! Dr. Field used our HRManagement simulation in her Human Resource Management class.

To read Dr. Marina Field’s scholarship entry, please click the button below.