Agenda for Tuesday, April 13:

Session 1 @ 9 am EST, 1 hour

Introduction to the simulation with Professor LaTrice Moore.

This is an overview session for new users but could be a useful refresher for current users! LaTrice Moore from Polk State College has been using our Entrepreneur simulation since 2012! She’ll take a deeper look into the simulation, specifically about how to use parts of the simulation to encourage thinking about Business and Entrepreneurship topics. We will explore some of the specific reports and analyses in the sim, but also will hear from Prof. Moore about how she uses the experience to deepen her students understanding of Business concepts. Finally, Prof. Moore will talk about integrating the simulation into her class.

Session 2 @ 11 am ET, 1 hour

Focus on Entrepreneur's Analysis Tools with Clayton Shumate, President, Interpretive Simulations

Clayton Shumate has been with Interpretive for over two decades and played a key role in the development of many of our sims, Entrepreneur included. He will go over a variety of tools that are available to students for them to make their best decisions. As co-developer, he can share some of the thinking behind these tools and suggest ways they may be used by instructors to deepen their students’ experience! These will include discussions about Inventory, Cash Analysis, our Reports (Sales, Pricing, and Promotion), and our Forecast. This will be a hands-on review and you’re sure to learn something about these tools!

Session 3 @ 1 pm ET, 1,5 hours

Mix of topics about using Entrepreneur

We invited several of our seasoned users of Entrepreneur to come and talk about how they integrate the simulation in their classes and how they have solved any issues that have arisen. Our two instructors are: Leanne Hagarty from Wilfrid Laurier University and Frederick Lawrence from Central Michigan University. Both instructors will have a variety of key points about their approach, however we invite you to come and discuss your experience as well. You don't want to miss this session and hope you will ask questions related to your class!

Session 4 @ 3 PM ET, 1 hour

Interpreting the Results

This session will be dedicated to how instructors interpret students' results in Entrepreneur. Come and learn how to interpret your students’ results and ways you can help them get more out of the simulation! Helping students understand why the results appear as they do is the heart of the simulation experience. We want the students to be able to analyze their position based on their numbers, but instructors play a key role in helping them learn how to do that. Join the session to hear from our guest speakers and ask your questions!

Your hosts for this event

Our speakers are chosen for their passion and expertise in using our Entrepreneur simulation in their classes!


LaTrice Moore, D.B.A. is the Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator and Professor of Business Administration at Polk State College.


Professor of Business Administration

Clayton Shumate is the president of Interpretive Simulations, and shares your goal of creating tomorrow's business leaders

Clayton Shumate

President of Interpretive Simulations

Professor Hagarty taught Introductory Math and Small Business Management courses at Conestoga College from 1998-2000 and then began teaching at Laurier in 2001.


Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University

As a professor, I believe in coaching my students and motivating by approaching challenges as opportunities.


Professor at Central Michigan University

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