Interpretive Business Simulations

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Interpretive Business Simulations

Interpretive Simulations was founded in 1986 to provide simulations that offer real-world practice implementing the principles of business. We have 11 simulations currently, for classes in Management, Marketing, and Strategy.
Today’s students need to have the tools to solve complex problems, experience working in diverse teams, and ultimately learn to make decisions in the face of many options. Business simulations provide this valuable practice in a highly engaging environment.
All our simulations involve different environments and products. Your institution can choose multiple simulations and be assured that your students will have a fresh experience with each event. Our simulations work great in an online setting and encourage student teamwork.
With each of our simulations, we provide a full set of resources for the instructor to ensure a successful implementation. These resources include assessment tools, quizzes, assignments, mini-cases, analysis tools, and much more.
Our most important resource is our people. Our team will help you integrate the simulation into your course and will be with you throughout the whole semester.  In addition, we have a full support staff available to assist your students.
Our business simulations provide a well-rounded and positive learning experience for your students. We’ve been producing simulations for business schools for many years, and we understand the needs of our customers and their students. We’re committed to providing you the best solution for your class!

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Simulations’ Features

Academic Price

Our prices range from $29.95 through $49.95 per user for academic use. Our simulations are affordable and effective!

Customizable Options

Each of our business simulations comes with a variety of scenarios & simulation settings.

Assessment Tools

Simulation Results; Quizzes; Online Peer Evaluation; Assignments; Mini-Cases. e-books.

Customer Support

We offer fully administered simulations, which means we take care of all the simulation logistics.