Updating StratSim For Today's Business Environment

We are excited to announce the release of our newest StratSim simulation scenario – “3+3”. Built on instructor feedback and changing market needs, the 3+3 scenario provides an updated experience for both students and faculty.

What is the 3+3 Scenario?

The 3+3 scenario does not simply refresh existing options – it provides a substantially different experience from start to finish.

  • New vehicle classes reflecting current trends like crossovers, AEVs, performance vehicles
  • A bigger role for AEVs/electrification as a strategic decision
  • More impactful distribution/regional decisions
  • Updated consumer segments with different needs and trends
  • Challenging economic conditions including periods of higher inflation
  • Allows comparisons within the groups of 3, while still providing differentiated starting positions.

StratSim's Scenarios

Get an complete overview of the simulation scenarios available in StratSim. Useful for instructors considering changing scenarios or trying 3+3 for the first time.

The 3+3 scenario allows you to:

  • Alternate simulations between terms without students being able to easily share prior terms’ successful approaches
  • Ensure grades are fair by comparing within the groups of 3 equal start firms
  • Include updated vehicle classes, technology shifts, and economic conditions reflecting today’s auto industry
  • Increase the role of distribution/regional decisions in strategic planning
  • Provide an overall refreshing change of pace while keeping core StratSim functionality

Review teaching resources and sample games:

Login with your Faculty Access and select the Simulations tab to go 3+3 Sample course sites.