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Our marketing simulations aim to provide students with a hands-on, interactive learning experience
that enhances their understanding of marketing concepts and strategies.
We currently have these 5 marketing simulations for your classes, each offering a unique experience:
Interpretive's Intro to Marketing simulation, a cornerstone of our marketing simulations collection designed to introduce students to foundational marketing strategies.
Interpretive's Marketing Principles simulation, a key part of our suite of marketing simulations aimed at enriching students' understanding of fundamental marketing concepts.
Interpretive's Marketing Management simulation, a key feature of our marketing simulations suite, enhancing understanding of strategic marketing decision-making processes.
Interpretive's International Marketing simulation, a significant part of our marketing simulations suite, aimed at familiarizing students with global marketing practices and strategies.
Interpretive's Marketing Strategy simulation, a vital component of our marketing simulations portfolio, designed to help students explore strategic marketing planning and execution.

Realistic Simulations

Students enhance their grasp of marketing principles and tactics through our marketing simulations, where they can test their ideas and monitor their outcomes.


Our marketing simulations were written by:
Thomas Kinnear, Lawrence Feick, Martin Roth, Stu James, Michael Deighan,
& Harlan Spotts.

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  • NewShoes covers marketing concepts at a basic level by focusing on the roles of price, product, promotion, and place. Student teams manage the marketing decisions for a simulated athletic shoe company.

  • In MarketShare, students take the role of the brand management team for an over-the-counter cold medicine, and in the process learn about many different aspects of marketing – from product design and pricing, to advertising and selling.

  • In PharmaSim, students will learn the importance of understanding customer needs, creating awareness for their products, finding the best distribution model, and deriving an appropriate pricing structure.

  • The simulation allows students to experience international market entry and expansion by playing the role of a manager for a major consumer products company. Students make decisions regarding market entry, product management, and marketing.

  • Marketing strategy is at the core of all decisions in the simulation. Teams target consumer segments and B2B opportunities based on market attractiveness and core competencies, using advanced marketing research techniques.

Exploring the Dynamics of Our Engaging Marketing Simulations.

Our Marketing simulations complement traditional teaching methods, with numerous additional resources to make your students’ experience well-rounded. Think of it as a simulated internship! They cover a wide range of topics, including product development, pricing strategies, and marketing research, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in a variety of real-world scenarios.
The simulations start with a case study that sets the scene for a particular business scenario, using familiar products to help students relate to the situation. Throughout the simulation, students make a series of decisions for each period, and both instructors and students can track their progress through comparative reports. All necessary information is available within the simulation, giving students the tools they need to develop and execute successful plans.
Instructors and students consistently report that using simulations greatly complements the objectives of their course and provides real experience with marketing concepts!

eBook integrated with our International Marketing simulation, CountryManager!

This is an end-to-end solution, combining the CountryManager simulation with a fresh contemporary text for international marketing classes, as well as integrated assignments, video resources, and additional cases!
Written by CountryManager’s co-author Martin Roth and his colleague and industry veteran Doug Quackenbos, the Foreign Market Entry & Growth eBook provides provides a solid resource for students as they explore international marketing.
Dr. Martin Roth
Doug Quackenbos 

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Bundle Ebooks with PharmaSim and StratSimMarketing simulations

With Wessex Press, we have bundling opportunities which bring the best materials for teaching Marketing Management or Marketing Strategy together into one package. Two eBooks by Noel Capon from Columbia University are currently available to be bundled with PharmaSim and StratSimMarketing simulations:


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How is NewShoes different from MarketShare?

NewShoes assumes no prior marketing knowledge, so it’s ideally suited for a marketing principles course. In NewShoes, students are competing directly while running the marketing department of an athletic shoe manufacturer. MarketShare goes more into depth on the 4 Ps. Students are playing benchmark competition (against the computer) while running the marketing department of an OTC cold medicine company. While students start with one mature product, they have the opportunity to introduce an additional product during the simulation and learn to differentiate their marketing mix for a mature vs. new product.

How is MarketShare different from PharmaSim?

MarketShare is a “lighter” version of PharmaSim. In MarketShare, the students can sell up to 2 products, in PharmaSim, they can have 3. MarketShare only has 6 periods vs 10 with PharmaSim. In PharmaSim, there are additional reports available, and more segments and targets. Additionally, there are extra levels in PharmaSim that you can customize to make it more or less challenging for your class. 

How is StratSimMarketing different from PharmaSim?

The main difference between the simulations is that in PharmaSim, students are working within one division of the company, and high level decisions are limited, while StratSimMarketing extends across multiple business functions, such as strategy, marketing, operations, accounting, and finance.

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