A complete end-to-end solution for teaching International Marketing

Foreign Market Entry & Growth e-book and CountryManager simulation.

A complete end-to-end solution for teaching International Marketing.
For the last year, we’ve been working together with Marty Roth and Doug Quackenbos to publish a new ebook for our international marketing simulation, CountryManager. Foreign Market Entry & Growth is the result! It’s been a thrilling process for us to work with two industry veterans as they worked tirelessly to produce what they felt would be the best possible solution for instructors teaching international marketing.
We could not have worked with two better people to do this. Marty Roth, you might know, is the co-author of our industry-unique simulation for international marketing, CountryManager. He has decades of experience teaching international marketing. Even as (now) college president, he still actively teaches international marketing. Marty’s experience is not only academic, he has deep and wide experience working with companies doing international market entry.
Doug Quackenbos equally comes with a wealth of experience. Having spent decades doing the work of a country manager for various companies, he’s now a full time instructor in marketing, regularly using our sim CountryManager with his students and knows well what instructors need to make an effective class.
The package—it’s not just a book + sim—gives instructors an end-to-end solution for teaching international marketing. The ebook is consistently integrated with the simulation, pulling out concepts to highlight issues that students will encounter while they progress through the sim. Additionally however, there are “integrated assignments”—some of which are automatically graded, but all of which are at the instructor’s disposal to use or not, depending upon the class. Grading and review of them has been made easier by our brand new Integrated Assignments platform which we launched earlier this year. Further, there are cases as well helpful videos by Marty Roth to explain the concepts students will encounter.
In the end, we’re thrilled with this new ebook package and can’t wait for you to check it out. Visit our product page at https://www.interpretive.com/cm-ebook/ and contact us today (through Request a Demo) to learn more!